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Shin HIFU-Line essence x pack

Shin HIFU-Line essence x pack

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90g (1 box: 3g x 30 pieces)

18g (1 box: 3g x 6 pieces)

[Product introduction]
"Shin HIFU-Line essence x pack" is a next-generation ultimate aging pack that delivers active ingredients to the stratum corneum of the skin with high penetration, keeping the skin beautiful from the inside while giving it firmness.
* Care according to age

[Effect of main ingredients]
・Succinoyl atelocollagen
Since the collagen component in the human body is similar, it can penetrate into the skin and replenish collagen.
Creates a lift-up film on the surface of the skin, allowing the beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin even while you sleep.
The moisturizing power is 10 times that of hyaluronic acid, keeping the skin beautiful from the inside.

[How to use]
After washing your face, apply lotion or milky lotion, and then apply it to your face. It is OK to sleep as is, without washing. It is also effective for wrinkles around the neck.

[Precautions for use]
-If you have allergies, please check the ingredients.
-If this does not suit your constitution, immediately stop drinking and consult your doctor or pharmacist.
-In addition, please consult your doctor or pharmacist regarding intake during pregnancy and lactation.

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